Moravský Krumlov Castle

The Renaissance manor stands on the site of the original castle. In the 16th century, lords of Lipé commissioned a reconstruction of the building. Italian architect Leonardo Garo de Bisono led the rebuilding, giving the castle its distinct architectural style. Since 1624, Moravský Krumlov has been acquired by the Liechtenstein family. Princess Eleonora of Liechtenstein was one of the extraordinary inhabitants of the castle. A maid of honor for Maria Theresa, the stunningly beautiful noblewoman was also renowned for her enlightened thinking. She initiated the creation of the castle park. The last owners of the castle were the Kinský family. After the Second World War, the town of Moravský Krumlov was bombed by the Red Army. However, the castle miraculously survived. The castle then served as a government building and later as a vocational school.
In 1992, the castle was sold for a symbolic one crown to the joint-stock company Zámek, which examined the building in structural and historical research. However, the investigation was not concluded, and the company, burdened with bank loans, had to leave the castle. In 2004, Incheba Praha bought the castle in an auction. The buildings fell into a state of disrepair. In 2016, the city managed to gain ownership of the castle. Reconstruction efforts began at the south wing and the castle tower four years later. In the summer of 2022, the first visitors could admire the newly renovated interiors and castle tower.

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